production of custom plastic bags

Milanesi Plast creates quality plastic articles

Production of custom plastic bags

One of the most important ways for shops and companies to promote themselves is to create their own custom plastic bags for their customers, thus defining a significant vehicle for publicising their name and projecting their brand. For over 40 years, Milanesi Plast has been at the service of several customers, satisfying their requirements with high-quality customised bag solutions thanks to state of the art production facilities.

Milanesi Plast is a leader in its field, supporting its customers during the entire design and production process: from the design staff applying its expertise in proposing the most viable solutions, to final delivery - with company vehicles within the Province of Milan. All this with the possibility of customising the bag in a total manner, starting from the choice of material, then defining the shape and finally defining the size and colour.

production of neutral and zipper bags

Thus, by choosing Milanesi Plast, in every phase of the product cycle you will find the satisfaction of working with the best possible partner who can assure the highest quality and reliability in the production of custom plastic products, items that can optimally meet the aesthetic and functional needs of every client. Thanks to the vast experience accumulated over the years, the company staff in Pero will have a wide range of choices and solutions to offer for delivery with excellent timing. The company also it produces neutral and zippered plastic bags . 

To learn all the possible solutions offered by Milanesi Plast, simply complete the form in this section and describe your requirements. The Milan-based company operates throughout the country and has a production capacity ranging from 1,000 to 500,000 neutral plastic bags.

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