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Milanesi Plast

Milanesi Plast was founded in 1963 when Gianluigi Milanesi launched the first company for manufacturing plastic bags in Pero, near Milan. The story continues today, thanks to the efforts and commitments of the Milanesi heirs, Gianbattista, Valentina and son in law Eugenio, with the strength of a tradition that has lasted for over 40 years, sustaining the ultimate pursuit of quality.

The qualities that distinguish Milanesi Plast are to be found in the established experience in research which now continues together with the constant pursuit of innovation, through the use of new technologies and modern production methods. This allows for a total flexibility in being able to meet customer needs, whether it be in small or large orders, providing high-quality bags and envelopes with fast lead times.

Milanesi Plast is a leading player in the production and processing of plastic envelopes and bags, but the capacity for high quality total personalisation also plays a crucial role, assuring the supply of customised plastic bags, zip-lock bags
adhesive seal bags, bags for food, and much more, for
customers throughout Italy.

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